Petit Computer Nintendo DS

Petit computer is a freshly released tool for DSi Ware, that looks absolutely like being something for nerds. With “Petit Computer” you can write BASIC-programs directly on the Nintendo DS – I guess with all the drawbacks, that BASIC offers: limited performance, blocky syntax and in the end also hard editing, if I imagine coding on the Nintendo DS device itself. On the other hand, this tool offers quick coding fun to get into, all those little tools, helpers, graphics and small games, you can quickly do with BASIC.

One of the most interesting features is, that you can not only use WiFi to exchange your written programs – but you can also swap codes and publish them by using QR-Codes! Yes! This means, you can stick your actually running codes as a QR Code in the public space for other to load them (supposed people have hard and software). And this in the end is a really great thing to do! (via)

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  1. If you are looking for Petit Computer tutorials look no further