The Evoke 2012 was a blast! Extremely good party with lots of substantial content! Here a selection of some of the best demos from this years Evoke.

Väre by Brainstorm (PC Demo, 2nd place)

70s by Alcatraz (PC Demo / WebGL, 1st place)

*Finally* by Titan (Wild Alternate Platform – Wonderswan Color, 2nd Place)

Tunnelscheisse by Digital Sounds System (C64)

Exordium by Rupture

modularity 2.0.9 by BluFlame (64k)

Cold Awakening by NTEAM & FRequency (4k – newcomer award)

ZUCKZ! by Tristar & Red Sector (TRSI) (4k)

Enlighten by BluFlame (4k)

The Noiseplug – ATmel ATTinyS (Alternative Platform Compo – Live footage)

SVatG Loves You by SVatG (Alternative Platform Compo) – Nintendo DS

YouCube – Projection Mapping by Dingfabrik (Wild – projection-Mapping at the party place)

PS: The ogg/mp3 and tiny music compos were also extremely good this year. I still wait for the people loading up their stuff.

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