C4 is the name of a new “Creative Coding Framework” for iOS. It is entirely written in Objective-C, looks very polished at the first glance and remembers on simple and clean things, you might kow from OpenFrameworks. I expect to get the things done as elegant and quickly like using OpenFrameworks or its older brother Processing (that is currently getting a Android and JavaScript makeover!).

The URL of the project is as easy as C4iOS.com. I didn’t got into the technical details yet, but it looks, that C4 does a highly specialized encapulation of objects and enhances them, like doing lines, typo, movies, fonts, colors and openGL. This are things, that you can do with Obj-C and UIKit as well, but I expect it to do this with C4iOS faster, more flexible and in the end more elegant. Anyway… Here is the C4iOS site with some examples. Others like to read a little more about the backgrounds of this project at the Creative Applications Weblog.

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