AirDoo (2006): Use control and cursor keys

Darthlupi made an very short, but outstanding interesting game called AirDoo, several years ago. Notice the decent sound-design of the game. Very well made. Unfortunately PC-download only. (You maybe also want to check out his latest game Wonder Palm as well. Its got an interesting game-mechanic and was made with Flixel.)

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Fontfabric is an independent font-studio from Bulgaria. They got a mixture of adorable free fonts and fonts to pay for (but at least at a really affordable price). They say on their website, that there products “will serve as a good base for any designer project whether it be web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc.” Nothing more to say. Really great stuff!

Free font: File

Free font: VAL

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The chipmusic-heros from “Pause Music” do not leave us a pause. Their latest release meet as always the extremely high quality criteria (although this guys love to play it down).

Produced on a Sega Master System and a NES, my expectations were really high, when I downloaded this release. To my surprise there were only two tracks inside this package. You won’t get typical chipmusic-style on this one. It is sounding more like some sort of experimental techno release, but made on vintage equipment. It beams you into really fantastic unexplored 8-bit worlds. Sort of hard to describe. Nothing for Pause-music starters, but for people, who are up with the sound, just download it.

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Daft Punk got chipped! Basically there is nothing more to say. Maybe the online of text, showing up on the Da Chip website: “The music of Daft Punk revisited on Vintage Game Systems”. Best directly download this album instantly. Who knows how long it will take for hungry and bloodthirsty lawyers to take this piece of art down.

(Thanks Hecspc for digging this!)

Update: After different ups and downs, as well as comments and links it finally seems, that the whole release and according tracks and bonus-tracks went offline from the official website. Who knows where in the universe they are travelling now… Unfortunately we also do not know any of the stories that went behind the curtains.

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Hey, did you noticed it? The Experimental Gameplay Project is back. The very origin of the meanwhile good-selling “World of Goo“. They somehow switches to a “monthly challenge” mode, based on a certain topic every months. Challenges are good, and perodic compos also. So welcome back EGP.

The topic of this month challenge was about “unexperimental shooter” and the contribution most worth to mention was the “Post IT shooter” from Petri Purho aka Kloonigames (the very creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe).

The Post IT Shooter


The Post IT shooter derives its optic from the videos, where people “simulate games” in stop-motion videos, using plain post it notes. Petri turned the direction around, and he wrote this game, that uses the optics of Post IT notes, in order to let a shooter game out into the internet. What a nice twist. You shoot at space-invaders looking aliens, that are generated randomly by a special algorithm. Don’t forget, that this game is not meant to give you pure playing pleasure for hours and hours, but to stand out by its great idea. Mission accomplished!

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It’s summer right? Time to get yourself comfortable with the Enviro-Bear. In the game you play a bear, driving a car. Your mission is to eat as much food as possible, before time’s up and you go for a hibernation. Look at the gameplay-video to leave every doubt at behind.

Realistic and awesome, isn’t it? The game was released as “Enviro-Bear 2010″ for the iPhone (cost 0.99 cent, App Store Link), but also an older PC-Version Enviro-Bear 2000 is available. (via)

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Records and process voice at Ableton Live. See the second tutorial at

Torley once again made some very lovely video-tutorials. This time, he teaches us how to make some freaky alien voice recordings, some topic that should be also interesting for videogame-designers. So much fun watching this. Should be also much fun doing it. Thanks!

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