I had an inspiring session with the guys around soup.io, that is a fabulous tumblelog project from Vienna. I began experimenting with it a lot and soon wrote my own tumblelog to continue the experiments. This now grew old. Useless to say, I used Ruby in Rails to get stuff done. =)

Digital Tools now presents a new section: the Digital Tools Microcontent. It’s fast paced side of the this site, where I post at least 3-5 short, but interesting entries during the day. It is a valuable source for all your tools heads out there and will serve as a daily source of creative input and inspiration. A collection of random thoughts and things I find fitting in the creative coding universe.

Ill styled quick first design.

Digital Tools Microcontent is also integrated into this page. Just look at the right side… at the sidebar. Also RSS-Feeds are available! I am also thinking on syndication and / or more community features to add. Feel free to feed back.

PS: The guys from the soup are again on tour.

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