You eventually know Pixeljoint. A great community for making and sharing pixelart. They do challenge or competitions on a regular basis and it is somehow a duty for me, to point you to that recent one, that has just finished. The topic was “twenty years of GameBoy”. The challenge was about creating “Mockups” of virtual GameBoy-games that nobody did (so far).

The results are absolute charming, since the origial GameBoy only used 4 levels of grey. You can vote or check out the forum-thread with all submissions. Another good overview of the best contributions can be seen at the weblog Randomrocket. Pixelart will live forever!



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  2. fossey said:

    Danke für’s verlinken.
    Offworld waren ja leider nicht so nett ;)

  3. 020200 said:

    Immer wieder gerne. =)