Game Designer Jazzuo makes lofi games. They are more close to art than to anything else. His approach is low-designed, but upfront in attitude and I bet he will have a great future as game designer or something else in between. He uses the Game Maker software to get his stuff done. The game works are somehow cool, but even more attractive are the works with his character “John Package”.

First one

Card Trick

Jazzuo made an own doll in Game Maker he calls John Package. He controls John using mouse and keyboard, while speaking into the microphone. Because he didn’t had registered fraps (that making videos software) he limits the videos to 30 seconds, but nevertheless the quality is good, the videos are crazy and funny and I somehow really like them. And if you listen carefully, you will also hear the sound of the spacebar (or keys), that are moving the mouth open and close. Using the constraints in a clever way to get things done and to state the idea over perfection. Thumbs up for Jazzuo. (I hope he some day cleans up his website a little bit.)

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