Artwork from the release 08 Badlands

Finally there is another netlabel focusing only on high-quality music made with vintage computing and gaming gear. The netlabel II music (ii, but it feels like a pause sign, huh?) does this. There are some of this netlabels, like 8bit-peoples or that one I ran once (if you know more, then put it in the comments). But what I like most on II music is their attempt to make finished works, albums that stand on their own and have descriptive and epic qualities to trip your head into wandering motion pictures. So exactly that thing I liked about games from an era long ago. It’s a bit more than the usual form experiments that most blip-warriors do. They have no ability to pre-listen tracks online. They would fail the Web2.0 compatibility test. But be sure that each download is worth it. And somehow downloading stuff feels like nostalgia, doesn’t it?

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