Daniel A. Becker – Random Walk of the number Pi

Daniel A. Becker works freelance, got high-awarded prices and finally published his diploma-thesis he made at the FH Mainz in Germany. The thesis Random Walk is a deep exploration of the phenomena “random”. The interplay of random and order: Order claims, that random do not exist or has no significance. We all know, that this isn’t true. On the other side even pure random generates patterns and systems – although it claims, that it is patternless by default.

“Random Walk is for all those people, who are interested in the mystic term of random. In ten visualisations things can been seen from the field of math and physics, that ask about coincidence. The shown models always merge two opposites to one picture, that forms our view of random: chaos and order. The visualisations are not only illustrations, but the result of real simulations and at the same time the proof for this symbiotic relationship.”

He explores quite interesting things, like the distribution of prime-numbers or the decay time of things. Daniel also made two visual semester-projects Visual DNA and Barcode Plantage. At Slanted is a in-depth interview with him, but it is in German. The thesis was made with processing and included some heavy-simulation and number-processing, due to the nature of this topic. For other works he also utilizes Flash and Actionscript.


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