Torley made a great review on an old game for the Mac called Cosmic Osmo. Although this game is from 1989 and only features black, white and some grayscale colors, it looks outstanding interesting. The game is a point and click adventure, and got some pretty nice humor. The soundeffects are great as well. You best simply take a look at the video-review from Torley.

Blog - Date published: May 25, 2009 | 3 Comments

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  1. max said:

    haha cool. it is so funny how the comentator gets joyed up with the little things :)

  2. Torley said:

    Indeed, glad you noticed. I find simple pleasures create a feedback loop unto themselves. :)

  3. 020200 said:

    Yeah, I see it the same way. This little fun-things is what makes this game really interesting.