Fathom is an absolutely lovely made free flash game, ready to play in your browser. The game is a little bit diffrent from others – read here if you get stuck. It’s made by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman and Danny “B” Baranowsky. They also teamed up at the game Gravity Hook for example.

At least interesting is, that the game took only 10 days to develop, utilizing a self-made flash-framework for 2D-games, called Flixel. It should have some not-so-obvious algorithmic wonders behind the curtain (as you obviously can experience at Fathom) and should see the first public release soon!

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  2. […] order to get the guy jump of at the right moments and at the right heights. Like the previous games Fathom and Gravity Hook, this game features only some minutes of core gameplay. But the look, the feel, […]