Summertime – partytime! There are several events in this summer in Germany, that you don’t want to miss. We make the start of the summer-season with our Cologne-Commons Festival for free music culture (as you can guess it’s in Cologne, 12.-13.6.2009).

After that the torch is given to the guys of the Future of Music Barcamp in Mannheim, that will be held on the 4.-5. July 2009.

The beginning of August is as usual travelling and party time. This year you have the choice to move your lazy ass to Cologne, to the cosiest demoscene-event in the world Evoke. Or you choose to join the Indie Game Jam in Berlin. Both events are exactly on the same date: 31. July – 2./3. August 2009.

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  1. nicole said:

    Interflugs Summer-Academy, July 23 – August 13, 2009 in Berlin