Picture posted with kind permission of Ross Racine

I do not want to talk about that totally web 0.8 styled website, with all that old-school copyright stuff and even text displayed as graphic, as well as those somehow boring “my work can interpreted as…” texts. But what is interesting about the site is the work from Ross Racine itself: a mixture of hand-made techniques in combination with the computer – and the vision behind it.

“Drawn freehand directly on a computer and printed on a high-end inkjet printer, my works do not contain photographs nor scanned material.”

He paint “suburban cities” from an urban-planning point of view. They are greyscaled, mostly have a bigger idea of a special form in mind (circle, spiral, tree, labyrinth), have a high aesthetic value, but are quite frustrating, if you imagine to live there or even to orientate in suburbs like this. Good, here we are now. Game-designers? Will you now take over and give it a third dimension?

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