PDSounds.org is a new project, that can come in handy, if you are last minute searching sounds for a production. Compared to projects like the “Freesound-Project” all sounds on PDsound are dedicated to the Public Domain, so they are totally free of rights – compared to the Freesound, where the sounds are creative-commons-based and you at least have to give credits. Resulting in extra-work at the very end of the project.

So far the sound I discovered on PDSounds are very rough, not very precise, polished or special and still require extrawork to sound well. But maybe the quality of sounds will achieve a new level in some months or years.

I think the archive will be good to get inspired, or to linger around. The sound there are tag-based so exploring is possible. Also browsing the archive by user is given as an option, as well as a “sound chart” and a forum to get in touch.

All this is very fine. But in the end… recording own sounds is quite much more fun after all. (via)

Blog - Date published: June 22, 2009 | 3 Comments

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  1. Yu-Chung said:

    this will come in handy. thanks!

    re: freesounds/CC
    I have no problems with the extra-work to give credits. It’s just that materials on the freesounds.org usually have non-commercial license.

  2. 020200 said:

    Well, at least there is a soundpool now for everyone. For every need and thinking.

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