Well, most of the Indie-Games community already noticed, that there was an episode of “Into the night” airing on arte.tv. It is a one hour documentary, where reporters follow people “through the night”. Very well made. This time they met two game-designers in San Francisco: Jason Rohrer and Chris Crawford. Luckily could see the whole video yesterday. And it send me thinking. In short: Indie-games lack on storytelling on a deeper level, where good movies usually go, but (indie)games rarely. Well, just have a look at this snippets:

/*SNIP*/: This video must be rare stuff. Offworld just right now digged and posted the whole episode. Go there to watch the whole, or stay here for the next teaser:

They were about many interesting things, for example about the game M.U.L.E (C64), that was later named Traders on the Amiga 500. A multiplayergame, that stresses interaction and the dynamic between the players, instead of just havin’ graphics and sound, in order so “solve a level”. Think “designing interactions”, instead of “design a game”.

Some indie-game: Aubergine Sky by MrPiglet

Than I came upon this game today. It is quite simple and maybe a little boring as well, but it shows somehow a little bit of the things, that foremost Chris Crawford talks about: layers of meaning. Have a play of Aubergine Sky. And go think about it.

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