It’s the mid of the month again, time for a sum-up of the interesting things I found last month that somehow did not found its way into this blog yet.

This time it will be an issue with music, but first…


Take a look at this highly recommended reading on 20 Underused Game-Mechanics. This one is for people seeking out some inspiration on how to control games. I think this will fall under the topic “Game Theory and Practice”.


Soothing, relaxing videos. Trance spirit and quite minimal video aesthetics. If I see it right than this made with any cool Apple visualizer plug in and therefore preset funk. Anyway, it does unfold their magic. Take the deep dive at NM’s YouTube site.


Magical, magical circuitry and music ahead at this one: Paris/Voltage Controlled with minimal visual glitches on portable gaming devices and a looping addictive soundtrack. This is my personal pick of the month.


Lofi aesthetics from Italy. Just happy with a game of life implementation and other goodness on the C64. Music is also with vocoder and well, this all gets very strange.


Scene from original Dark Castle on the Apple Computer

I had a really good bliss at this article about Dark Castle and the remake of it at fine weblog The Artful Gamer, and I still consider getting deeper into this topic by dedicating an own article to it.


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