The Blipfestival is in every mouth at the moment, so it seems to me. It feels a little bit like the chiptune-revolution has already begun. There are movies like “Reformat the Planet” that tell the story. But chipmusic is also nothing new. It exists for years now, but there were cultural shifts. The milestone of chipmusic of course is the C64 / NES range, that we all love to remember. But people and projects like the 8-bit peoples and the micromusic-community set new standards in performing, style and perception. This are the points where the chipmusic started to grow. Most recent, remarkable promising projects are the chip netlabels Pause and File Freakout that breathe exactly the same air.


Chipmusic was also always international. And invisible: it was music for freaks. I am curious if this will change. At least the Blipfestival made its point, set a new standard in live-performing and stage-visuals. Unfortunately I’ve never been there, or in the small clubs all over the world where the new revolution began. But bands like the Japaneese YMCK totally blast my way.

YMCK – Tetrominon

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