This is Direct Note Access from the Melodyne-Tool. I am not sure, if I didn’t saw this tool already somewhere, I guess it was at a TV documentary showing the inside of any producers studio. This, let’s say, promotional clip with that good music shows how to pretty easily bend and shift vocals. But now imagine really hard abuse to get interesting results, that sound somehow… new and fresh!

Blog - Date published: March 13, 2008 | 4 Comments

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  1. mo. said:

    even more – you can split up samples into their played tones – for instance a guitar. than, you can rearrage the sounds separately. fine and incredible stuff.

  2. That’s right. I wonder what will happen if you feed really strange samples into that one to arrange a multi-track sequence or so.

  3. scnclr said:

    Whoow. I was just thinking of ultra-dense and complex ambient music, like made of field recordings. For example like mixing soundscapes with moods, church bells, harmonic noises… all that the ORB stuff!

  4. do you think it would work for sounds like electromagnetic fields or chaotic wave forms?

    And do you think one could correct involuntary sound distortions or deformations (like echo for instance)?

    And and and.. For isolating a specific sound? (like when you do a full recording and realize there is noise bothering you)

    Does it treats infra bass and ultra sounds? – frequencies that humans “can’t hear”…

    Just wondering…