It’s the mid of the month again, time for interesting content that did not found its way into this blog yet.



Very hot, just today I discovered a new netlabel via the great music-numblog. It’s the netlabel Budabeats, self-acclaimed leading netlabel from Budapest. And if they will stay at the quality-level like the first two releases, there is no doubt that they will defend this title. Be prepared for some of the best lounge, jazz, trip-hop releases I’ve ever heard for free. Ninja-Tune? Better be prepared. My clear listening highlights are Jazz.zene from Kovacs and A Day in the Life from Crookram. If Tokyo-Dawn would still exist, they maybe would sign this.


Sarah Turbot on the Beam Wiki

I already announced on Eggshell Robotics two wonderful B.E.A.M. robotic-projects. The first one: B.E.A.M.-Wiki, a great resource collecting wisdom of manufacturing B.E.A.M.-robots. In that context I suggest the second site, a B.E.A.M.-bot website. Just look at this tiny creatures.


Via Phlow I came upon Berlin hiphop-artist Bruno Fortuno. Unfortunately with no really usable website, he spreads himself all over the web… MySpace, Strassen von Berlin and YouTube.

Seems that Berlin got humorous again. Also in my inbox was this also very obvious Berlin style funny cartoon. Right after the click.

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  1. Marcus said:

    Sorry for the inconvenience but the BEAM Wiki will be down for some weeks. But we will be back and glad about any support!

  2. Marcus said:

    And the BEAM Wiki is back in business! (if you are interested).

  3. Frank said:

    “Kloß und Spinne” is made by Volker Strübing. You can find his quite funny blog here.