Korg is always very certain when it comes to find cool names for their instruments. They launched a sythesizer-project on the Nintendo DS that is simply called DS-10. It is a full scale synthesizer, that should be available for under 50 Euro. A tool that really would add value to your gaming console. The features of this synth are: two patchable virtual synthesizers with two oscillators on each channel, a drum machine, a sequencer, and a full range of effects. Here is the official website. Notice that interesting use of the stylo with the appregiator I somehow seen before anywhere in the homebrew scene…


Blog - Date published: March 25, 2008 | 2 Comments

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  1. Jeff David said:

    Wow,. I want one! I’ve always thought how good that would be for “outdoor inspired” compositions,. wonder if you can stream to a memory card or something,. a psp version?

    BTW: there is a new SYNTH(tm) video game for electronica fans with fancy computers,. visit http://www.geocities.com/mykrode

  2. Yes, I am also eager to get one. I think it was a brilliant move of Korg to offer a high-quality synth for a nice price for hardware that is highly available.

    Thanks for the link, that are awesome pictures!