Phlow is a webzine for free creative commons music. It started several years ago in German only, but made the move to a broader audience almost two years ago with the English Almost every day a new review of a free mp3-release from the netlabel-scene is presented. But that’s not the news. Behind the curtain the project evolved. And the “Phlow Magazine” is now available in Spanish, too. At a highly motivated team keeps on digging and compiling the best netaudio-releases, that are released under a creative commons licence on the web. Therefore the music, that is reviewed at Phlow, is free to download and share with your friends. As you can see, the archive of great music for free is growing and growing. Or like Applejux, the main-editor of said:

Netaudio makes me think. Netaudio is “Hello, good morning, nice to meet you!” Netaudio makes me happy, so… why not?

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