Uhh, I love acid. And thanks to the solid taste of the mighty Independent Gaming Source I discovered this two games today, that make extensive use of acid as the music score. Game, Toy, Sound-Sequencer. The games are a little bot of everything, like “Space Invaders meets Jump’n’Run, R-Type and Doijin-Shooter”. Not much gaming elements, but all mixed up a little bit.Download them here.

Action Jockey


You control the the player sprite and the music sequencer with the cursor keys, while jumping and shooting is done with X and C. Press X two times for double-jump. Music is getting loud and tricky from time to time. The sprites have a nice and reduced pixelstyle. It somehow reminds me on the game Dive from the Gamma256-collection.



This is basically a shooter. Press space to start the game. In the game you press X to shot and C to drip a bomb in order erase all bullets from the screen. The bullets are synchronized to the sequencer sound. Unfortunately I did not found any instance to change or modulate the sequencer data. That would be a cool feature, even if you had to modify a simple text-file. You can change the sequencer-data by shooting the white squares that appear on the enemies ship.

I didn’t test it, but you should also be able to replace the sound-data. They are stored as wave-files in the sound-folder of the game-directory. What I also like about these games: the usage of the keys C and X instead of Z and X, that most games from Japan and US use. Using C and X makes it seamless playable on qwerty and qwertz-keyboards – without changing the language scheme.

PS: I noticed, that the independent gaming source freshly opened up a database of indiegames. Good work! Clean and usable design.

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