Fig.8 is an unusual browser-game, with poetry at places, you wouldn’t expect. In Fig.8 you play a bike, that drives around in some sort of classical book, filled up with “figures”. That sort of technical drawings, books used to have in the pen and pencil era. Well, there is basically nothing more to say here. Best you experience the game by yourself, because all words are wasted here, trying to describe this experience. Only one click away! So play Fig. 8. The game was made by Intuitiongames.

At Intuitiongames we also find some interesting background about the game:

At first Fig. 8 was actually called US and it was an art installation. In my junior year of college I was walking in the snow one night and I noticed some bike tracks running through the snow; an unusual scene in the middle of winter. While I walked along I noticed the two paths diverging then returning to a single unified track, it made me think about how relationships change over time how we grow distant then return.


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