It’s the mid of the month again. As always I put interesting findings into this blog, that are somehow cool or something to think about it, like todays issue. Let’s do it like theorists!


Bruce Sterling needs no introduction. He is a Science Fiction author, but do not write Sci-Fi books anymore, instead design-theory and travels around the world. Sometimes I have the feeling, that he travels to all this talks, just in order to have cool videos online, like the one shown here.


Crap games. An aspect of game design, that is far too underappreciated. Enjoy this video, but beware of explicit talk. Nevertheless, you have games – 52 games! – on one cartridge. Some you really can’t play or win, because the level design or the gameplay suck. Are unplayable games computing games in nature? Or are they something else? Maybe more like audio-visual artifacts, assuming you to play, but not to win. Related: the B-Games competition.



What happens if you concentrate on creating new gaming ideas, instead of realizing the games? Three Hundred is such a case. It is an ongoing sketchbook of conceptional studies and ideas of realizing new forms of games. He did not manage all 300 sketches, but there are about 80 online. We hope to have more things to come.

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Blog - Date published: April 15, 2008 | 1 Comment

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  1. sylvainulg said:

    Heh. Looks like the 300 are getting popular. Yes, i wasted one week-end or two (and countless lunchtimes) on reading those concepts he suggests. Some are really interesting, some are really appealing, other just didn’t get my attention because they focus on kind of games i’m not interested in.

    But i surely wait for more. And at least idea #1 has received an implementation on Nintendo DS by Mia