I think many of you still remember the “Million Dollar Homepage“, where some clever guy made a webpage, consisting basically and of a graphic, consisting of one million pixels. He sold the whole thing on a pixel-based basis and made a million bucks in total.

Well, history is repeating. Sort of – in other form. Some other guy now started the same concept, but for ASCII characters. It’s just the same principle, but with ASCII/ASCII-art (not ANSI!)… The site is still fresh, but it seems to work well until now. Wu Zhe, running the site, says, that he wants to finance his startup with the million he made with this site. It went online only 5 days ago, but he already has some sales. He writes in his blog:

I can’t believe I got my first sale only 6 hours after this site went online, though it’s only one character. Guess which char it is, it’s an “@”!

Go to the ASCII Million Dollar page.

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