Screenshot from Canabalt

Adam Atomic and Danny B teamed up again and created a very unique gaming experience. Canabalt is a one-button-game. You play a guy, he has to run for his life. While the scrolling is getting faster and faster, you have to push the button, in order to get the guy jump of at the right moments and at the right heights. Like the previous games Fathom and Gravity Hook, this game features only some minutes of core gameplay. But the look, the feel, the music, the soundeffects and the overall quality is definitely worth a try!

Blog, Games - Date published: September 6, 2009 | 4 Comments

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  1. max said:

    immer wieder ne fundgrube dein blog!!!

  2. Hey, ich fass das einfach mal als ein Kompliment auf. ;)

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  4. […] I just found this totally obscure C64 game, called “Dragons Den”. It seems, that this game was available back in the days on cartridge, meaning “plug-and-play”-fun. Also interesting, that the ride-level seems to be a very early predecessor of a “one-button-game”. If you want, the grandfather of Canabalt. […]