Extremely fresh Mignonette

Hey, today is a good day. After waking up, I found an brandnew Mignonette in my inbox. This is a do-it-yourself assembly kit, an electronic game console “to learn about soldering, microcontrollers, and game programming”. True 8-bit style. Well, this will be a little bit of work… but extremely fun work!

Blog - Date published: September 7, 2009 | 3 Comments

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  1. JFreshInEffect! said:

    I just finished a successful build of my Meggy Jr. You should have no problems with this. The Meggy looks a little more developed than this.

  2. Chris A said:

    Hey, that’s slick. Please post an update once it’s built and you’ve started to tinker a bit… would love to see what ya think.

  3. 020200 said:

    Oh yes. I’ll do it. A little too much work at the moment unfortunately.