Nobnox scored again! I am sure, you all still remembering the ToneMatrix from Andre Michelle. Along with the guys at Hobnox they took the concept to a whole new level – and reinvented the browser-based music-tools once again. Here comes inudge!! It’s a very simple tools, fun to play with, but powerful as well. It is basically like ToneMatrix, but with more channels and instruments. Even a drum-section. Like with ToneMatrix it is almost impossible to do sounds, that are not sounding good or interesting. The 16-steps sequencer leads mostly to hypnotic loops. The best: you can very easily share your productions, post them on blogs or send them via email to your friends or other people working on a project. Cool stuff. Also for decent game-loops. Just check out my first loop.

Update: It seems, that there are some bugs, when it comes to saving and sharing to loops… My loop was not saved…

Update2: Suddently, the data was there. Maybe there is some time-lag at the “making data available”-server at inudge.


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  2. max said:

    great little tool, so much fun!

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