Paniq is back. Once again with a new and absolute unique album, that is once again technically at a very high level. “From Zero to Hero” is some sort of concept album, dedicated to the German “Pirate Party“. It’s a mixture of techno and electro, that lends inspiration from game-music, music-experimentation and “pirate-music”, produced in a very compact way. The album is free for download, released under a creative commons license. So why hesitate? Download this album for free. You will get high quality mp3 and flac as well. Oh, you may have noticed, that we have the election here in Germany next week…

Blog - Date published: September 20, 2009 | 3 Comments

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  1. SyntaxError said:

    Cool album with nice 8bit music effect combine with electro sounds

  2. Freimaurer Opposition said:

    Die Freimaurer lassen grüssen. Ein All Seeying Eye als Cover? Wo Freimaurer drauf steht ist Freimaurer drin. Die Freimaurer unterstützen den Plan zur 80% Depopulation der Weltbevölkerung. Sie kontrollieren die Massenmedien und grosse Teile der Wirtschaft. Es wird Zeit gegen die Freimaurer aufzustehen.

  3. 020200 said:


    Oh ja, wir müssen alles bekämpfen, wo ein All Seeing Eye drin ist. Bitte mal genauer hinschauen. Danke!