May is a lazy month! That’s why the Round-Up will be short. I had also lots of stuff to work and mostly wrote my thoughts directly in here. Besides… we had two highlights this month with the Flex-Actionscript-tutorial and the Winamp-Interview with Justin Frankel.


A short movie, that played right into my heart! Musicotherapy is wicked day at a therapists-center. In this cartoon the doctor is very sensitive against noises, while the inhabitants of the house can’t stop to play music. This movie is also a contribution to the Bitfilm-Festival 2008 in the category 3D space award, feel free to vote!


Another short movie with similar color-scapes. Not as brilliant as the work above, but something nice to entertain. The characters expressions are somehow… cute?


Okay, this is old stuff, but it blasted my mind! The Yellow Magic Orchestra and their view upon the technopolis city Tokyo. Sometimes… I just love the 80ies.


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