Update: The Download Day will be on Tuesday, 17. June 2008. Have a good time in downloading FF3!


The browser Firefox 3 wants to get the world record for the most downloaded tool within 24 hours. On the so called “Download Day” you can submit your mail-address to get the latest information. You “pledge”, that you will download the browser on that day. Just right at the moment the amount of people who promised to download Firefox 3 on that day is impressive. Just take a look at the live-update, interactive map.


[ via Gulli ]

Blog - Date published: May 30, 2008 | 2 Comments

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  1. Shepherd Jim said:

    The website says “Thursday June 17″ — the 17th is today …TUESDAY?

    What time of which day???

  2. Yes, of course Tuesday. Made a little mistake. At least I am writing this now in the new Firefox 3. The servers were really crowded the first, let’s say, 5 hours. I think I was not the only one, who got massive timeouts. But now it works, and I already for the relative small download-file.

    You can download the browser still for some hours (till 10 AM San Francisco time or 19.00 European Time) to apply for the worldrecord. As I already saw on the map, the Firefox seems to be *very* popular in Germany!