Oh no, not a viral again… I thought the same, but the video is made pretty well. And it seems, that there is more behind Syke. This clip here is a “fake video” for a “fake energy drink” (or at least something, that is been sold at stores…). The Syke website tells us, that

Syke represents a movement supporting people who create great music and art. We fight against industries that are destroying our environment, our civil rights, our health, and our culture. We like stuff that hasn’t fallen victim to corporate manipulation-things that are creative, things that haven’t been churned out by mainstream robots.

Sounds upfront. Let’s keep an eye on that! (via)

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  1. KIDIRON said:

    Just a FYI, the animator behind this is Paul Robertson.
    Check out his personal site: http://www.mechafetus.com/

    have a good day.

  2. 020200 said:

    Cool. Thanks!