The Independent Gaming Source is heading for another very interesting indie-game competition. This time it is two-part:

1. In the first part, artists and musicians will have a month to create as many art and music assets as they wish. These assets will be voted on at the end of the month based on the quantity, quality, and variety of the assets provided.

2. In the second part, designers and programmers will have a month to take the assets created in part one and make games with them (assets used need not be limited to one person or team). The programmers cannot make any changes to the assets unless it’s done during runtime. The best game will be voted on in the normal fashion.

I really love this kind of “constraint” setup, that forced people to be creative. (And to add some lovely easter-eggs into the assets for the coders). Read everything in details at the TIGSource blog or the forum.

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