Example of the HYPE-Framework

Good news for people who like to tinker with Flash and/or creative code. Branden Hall and Joshua Davis released today the initial version of HYPE, a Flash-framework, that is suited to creative code experiments. The goal of HYPE is to enable non-developers a fresh and easy start into coding Actionscript 3.

Flash has matured incredibly in the past decade, but it has done so in a way that has blocked non-developers from even getting started. The simple fact of the matter is that with older versions of Flash you could learn the tool and how to program ActionScript almost entirely through creative play. With the latest iterations, unless you have a background in object-oriented programming, that method of learning by doing is simply not an option.

It’s a little like the idea of this Flex-tutorial, I wrote several months ago.

Less messing around – more playing with the code. I haven’t tried HYPE yet, but I am sure, that it will be worth taking a deeper look at. (via)

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