I don’t know how you feel about getting up in the morning. Still this is one of the biggest problems for many people and countless solutions to that problem has manifested in creative product designs. We see the evolution from the bucket of water to robots, replaying your dreams, that technology is also moving along on that path.

It even looks good!

Alice Wang made a great concept, that combines technology with social factors in a very unique and innovative way. This alarm clock begins to call people from your mobile phone, if you don’t manage to wake up. It puts peer pressure on you – if you don’t like that noise in the morning, be sure that you will get into problems on that day, just because your friends once again got that call from your alarm clock. This concept also works, if you oversleep rarely. Your co-workers are alarmed and they can call you up, until everything is fine. Well, isn’t this a Web 2.0 community then?

via Neuerdings

Blog - Date published: July 4, 2008 | 3 Comments

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  1. Joe said:

    Oh The alarm clock entered web 2.0 in Sept. 2007

    See http://Sleep.FM – The Social Alarm Clock. Wake up to a friend, loved one or information that matters!

    “Don’t wait to hear Happy Birthday, wake up to it!” – Sleep.FM

  2. Thanks Joe. That’s the internet rule, right? Imagine something and then search for it. Just to figure out that someone already did it.

  3. max said:

    i liked the alarm clock thats hides itself before going off :) knocking your toe on the bed while frenetically searching he little bugger, surely gets you awake!