Demos by Synesthetics is the “TV-channel” for the web, that show products from the demoscene as web-video. Not long ago they made a somehow decent redesign of their webpage and enabled a great feature, where you can put together your own playlist-channel.

Today they announced their latest feature. Now you can embed the most popular playlists into your blog or website, well just like I did. Unfortunately they did it not for every playlist, like the one I made some weeks ago. This feature also lacks on free scalability of the player window. I scaled it by hand, that’s why the video looks a little strange. Maybe they will add this in the future?

I embedded the playlist from the group Synesthetics. The works of them are always on the edge with pushing acid-music and *yes* colors. Did I mentioned already? I loooove colors.

Blog - Date published: July 10, 2008 | 2 Comments

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  1. Cool! Lots of good stuff on this site.
    Of course, most you can download and run on the original hardware or emulator but this site is great if you don’t have that choice or just want to watch or want to show friends examples of demoscene apps.

  2. Yeah, that’s right. There are resources like or where you can get the demos directly. But sometimes it’s a little bit hard, to get the demos running. Especially for me, who lacks a good graphic card. =)