Travel through the time – with Berna. This low-priced software is a complete “1950s style electronic music studio” that communicates audible and visually vintage into your ears and eyes. The Berna website says about this small suite:

At that time there wasn’t any electronic musical instruments market, as a matter of fact, most of the equipment was adapted from scientific tools belonging to radio engineering departments. Sometimes the equipment was built from scratch cannibalizing anything that had wires, tubes and pots, more rarely, the studios used the few commercial instruments available in those days, such as the Melchord, the Trautonium and the Theremin. Contrarily to what happens today, electronic music then was everything but fast and easy to create. A few minutes of electronic composition could take more than one year of work.

This makes Berna not only interesting for film-score enthusiasts, but also a good choice for people who like to get into the history of electronic music as well. However… you can make funny tones with Berna. And that should be reason enough!

Only available for Mac, but at a nice price of 10.69 Euro (or try before you buy).

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  1. Atomic Shadow said:

    I loved this software so much I recorded an entire album with it.