There are lots of media and technology-festivals. On my radar just recently three new festivals popped up, hopefully making this a beautiful summer with people, nature and technology.


The first one is the Robot 250, sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon University, that will take place around the City of Pittsburgh. The festival is currently running until the 27 July. To get an idea of the festival, check out the website of the Robot 250 or look at the video below. It’s an excellent piece of art, that is out there somewhere. It seems really inspired by Philip K. Dick‘s famous short story “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. It the work Mower from Osman Khan, currently working at the Carnegie Mellon. (via BotJunkie).



The Gossip08 is a fresh festival for free culture. It’s located on green grassland in the deepest south of Germany we call Allgäu. It will be held in the mid of August, from the 15.-17., so enough time left to order tickets and get everything ready to join the ride. This festival is not limited to a special “genre” of culture, but anything that comes free and relaxed will be welcome. Check out the website: Gossip08. They also got an extended program of music, workshops etc… (via Gulli)

Demoscene-Party at Metalab

The metalab in Vienna is having its first demoscene party. It will be from the 18.- 20. July 2008 at the place of the metalab. They expect about 100 visitors and a panel with the topic “oldschool coding” on vintage machines vs. recent technology hacking should be also a part of the party. (via Futurezone)

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  1. Temis said:

    There is also a demoparty in California supported by nvidia, called NVScene, August 25th-27th, in San Jose, California. We’re trying to make it a great event. We will have guests from the european demoscene, demo competitions, and a few other interesting things.