In December new works from Pixelate are coming up. I am sure, that you are already familiar with some of their works. They made some months ago the outstanding “Understanding Games” series – short flash-animations, that tell about game design in general. Lately the iPhone-game Mr. Bounce made the round, with a stress on unique gameplay, graphics and soundtrack. Oh, soundtrack in general. The Pixelate-guys like to mix up gaming-experiences with electronic sounds and often the soundtracks are available as separate downloads. PS: I just experienced, that Mr. Bounce is also available as flash-version online.

Ok, back to the original topic! The next work from Pixelate will be “The Black Forest“. It is a collection of four small experimental games – each will be released every week in December. The preview looks promising. Clean design, a neutral electronic soundtrack. Can’t wait to get my fingers on this small games.

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  1. Andreas said:

    The first episode of The Black Forest can now be played at

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