The guys at the Indiegames-weblog had a really nice finding of a Megaman-like game. Nezumiman is very close to the gameplay of the, let’s say NES-version of Megaman, but what makes this game so special are the cute cute graphics and the cute and catchy music. Instant love, if you would ask me. Perfect game for this winter!

Unfortunately only available for Windows. Mirror-downloads available here and here and they are about 18 MB in size.

Blog, Games - Date published: November 29, 2009 | 3 Comments

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  1. tobi-x said:


  2. 020200 said:

    Oh, hi Tobi. Yur welcome!

  3. Torley said:

    Oh my freaking gosh. Cracking up here. I can’t believe it, it’s like Mega Man with bear-critters. Someone went through the time to make this… they must be PASSIONATE!