A really good idea had Logan Williams. He made a “tangible audio sequencer” using a cam, paper and coins. The sequencer module in the computer scans the paper with the webcam and detects objects on the paper (in this case the coins). They are interpreted as data, that you normally put into a digital sequencer using the mouse.

A dead simple idea, why nobody else did something like that before?

Update: Logan gave me the URL of his official website, and he seems to like it complicated and unusual. His portfolio is available under http://47Ω.com. And if this doesn’t not work, just try http://xn--47-fcc.com.

Blog - Date published: August 3, 2008 | 3 Comments

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  1. Anonymous said:

    “why nobody else did something like that before?”


  2. Lawrie said:

    This is nice! But to add to the “why nobody else did something like that before” list, see also –

  3. the dude said:

    a similar project from 2005: