Ok, this is not 8- or 16-bit. At least it’s 2-dimensional.

I have found the spritestitch-blog and the spritestitch-forum, that brings good pixelized retrorism into analogue playgrounds.

It’s a place on the web dedicated to the art of stitching, knitting and crafting the 8- and 16-bit era of sprites in computing games. Make the world a better place, by stitching your favorite characters. Girls, now you have a reason for playing this good old games with your boys. And boys… time to get into the art of stitching and 2d-art again. At least to sit by tea and cake, craft and listen to the wisdom of the elderly. One last question remains… what is so cool about retro-characters? Well… I can’t tell you exactly, but this week some PacMan made my day.

Analogue innovation in leveldesign.

PS: Did you know? They collected how-to make patterns and tools on their site!

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