A casual Basketball-game really do not sound like an enhanced bundle of fun, doesn’t it? Time to learn a lesson, because this Baskeball game is so simple like throwing balls at the basket in the real world. At the same time so well executed, that it is somehow a must-play game over the christmas days. Get some friends, maybe booze and let the fun begin.

Your aim is to throw balls at the basket using the mouse. That’s basically it. The one who throws the most and best baskets wins. The significant detail here are various multiplayer-modes. You are able to create group-contests. Also statistics about every throw are delivered somehow in realtime. Well, best just have a short play to get the idea. And yes, this feels like the Commodore 64 / Amiga “playfever” is coming back home again. Lift the cup for this unusual “winter game”. (via)

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