I am working on the third incarnation of my loved pixeleditor Smoove. The first version did I code on the Sony PSP using PSPLua. On a PSP with homebrew equipped, you are able to pixel on the go and save the results as bmp-file on memory stick.

That was nice, but performance limited due to Lua. Back in that days I obtained myself an Nintendo DS and was very passionate about homebrew on the DS. It was more like: “A pixeleditor right? Let’s make use of the stylo + touchscreen-bonus!”. My idea was to make Smoove DS a full-grown on-the-go application for doing tilemaps, sprites, animations and gamemaps. Unfortunately I began having troubles with reading and writing files. And what’s the use of making artwork, without the ability to save? At least I liked the usability of setting and playing with the pixels.

Go with the flow.

Three weeks ago to began, giving Smoove a third chance. This time my decision was, to use the power of the web to get things going. I use a combination of Ruby on Rails and ActionScript / FLEX. The thing you are able to play with Smoove Online at the moment is the very first release. You can draw tiles, edit palettes, shift and flip the tiles. The best feature is, that you can import and export the graphics you made in a simple markup-format. With this you can exchange graphics with friends, beloved ones or co-workers in a straightforward style. You can also change the size of the canvas with the import, play with it a little. If you like, there is a newsletter available. Subscribe to get the latest news upon the development of Smoove. There is much room for improvement! The next thing I want to implement is reading and writing the data to files – so the same obstacle the Smoove DS failed upon. Wish me luck.

The Smoove-project lives on under the name HiScore Pixeleditor on iOS.

Blog - Date published: August 9, 2008 | 3 Comments

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  1. paris said:

    Nice work! Fun and I like the ability to import and export.

  2. Smoove Move said:

    I have Smoove 92 for psp and its loads of fun. I use it for animation and pixel art work which is used on my projects. The longest animation I have ever made was 25 frames long.
    Instead of mspaint I rather use Smoove on the go.
    It would be great to implement a Fill function on the psp version. I have been dreaming about it and its the only why I can avoid filling areas manually which causes pain in my hands.

    Please update Smoove for the psp!!!

    Nice work keep it up.

  3. Sylvainulg said:

    Glad to see you going forwards despite there seems to be nothing left of smooveds :-P