Maybe not this guy, but the technique showed here could be the future of virtual turntabelism.

The video comes from Djwiij (alternative link). Tutorials and Howto connect the Wiimote to the PC are also provided at the website. My head keeps spinning around thinking about totally new ways to control everything digitally available.

Blog - Date published: February 7, 2007 | 3 Comments

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  1. Stephan said:

    Thanks a lot!
    PS: are you already working on something similar in the node lab???

  2. 020200 said:

    Yes, plans are made, but no time scedule yet.

  3. yman said:

    What i like at Virtual Dj is that the vinyl controls will let you scratch like on a real turntable, except that with the beatlock engine your scratches will never end out of the beat. I got it from here: Virtual Dj