A very nice game idea had the people at Booblebrook. “Coign of Vantage” is a puzzle game, where you have the rotate a 3-dimensional object. With the mouse you have to find the right perspective, because the colored fields, that are dispersed in that “virtual 3D-box” are a pixel image. And you can see it, if you rotate that cube into the right perspective. A mouse only, no click game. The 3D-logic somehow also reminds me on Fez.

For me the game lacks some gameplay-tweaks to be a long term entertaining one, but idea and implementation are good. Try to make the sounds it plays, when you rotate the cube, for yourself “whoo-whoo”. It’ll gonna be fun.

The game starts in a browser with flash, so you are only one click away. “Coign of Vantage” by the way means something like “the right advantageous position for oberservation or action”, but in oldschool and very complicated English.

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