Screenshot-detail game “Hase und Wolf”

PolyPlay was videogame-machine in the GDR (German Democratic Republic aka DDR). There you could insert coins, select and play some computergames. They had very lovely names like “Wasserrohrbruch”, “Schießbude” or “Hirschjagd” (in English: “Pipe Burst”, “Shooting Gallery” or “Stag-Hunting”).

PolyPlay was the only public videogame-machine in the whole country, manufactured by the “Kombinat Polytechnik und Präzisionsgeräte Karl-Marx-Stadt”, that’s why “Poly” in the name of this machine. The videogaming in the GDR was very special, because most of the stuff were more or less copies from games played in the West part of Germany. The whole GDR was more or less disconnected from the international videogame-developments.

And now comes the best part: There is a website, completely dedicated to the PolyPlay-machines. There you can also play the original games, just within your browser! How cool is that? Take the retro-dive now.

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