The “Graffiti Research Lab” progresses with their self-set goal: to explore new possibilities with graffiti. Technology also plays an important role for them. Their latest work is the so called “EyeWriter“. It is an open source eye-tracking system, that allows to “draw graffiti with your eyes”. In order to so so, they use a webcam and some LEDs, to light the pupil and track it. The technology is low-cost. The idea of starting that project came from a real-life event. They teamed up with Tony Quan, aka TEMPTONE, who was diagnosed ALS in 2003. Since then, he got problems moving his body – except for his eyes. The EyeWriter now brings back the joy of doing graffiti again to him.

The research lab is progressing also in other fields as well. They established the “Graffiti Markup Language (GML)“, an XML-based language, to “exchange motion data of graffiti-tags”. They also opened up the “000000book (read: blackbook)”, a social platform for exchanging works, based upon GML.

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