Dot Dot Dot is the third from an ongoing series of 6 games, that has a “dot” as its main character. Each one of the games is made in 48 hours (a little bit like the global game jam) by the team at UsTwo. This game is a small casual game with a very simple idea and a short playing time. Your aim is to “flee” the dot from reaching the top. In order to do so, you have to every time reach the hole in the ground as fast as possible. What makes the game so interesting is nicely executed sound-design and the monochrome graphics. The game was released for iPhone (0.99 cent, Entry at, but you can also play it for free in your browser (in Flash, click on the 3 dots).

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  1. @millsustwo said:

    We made this app, and we are proud of this app. if anyone is interested we also have 2 other .™ apps.

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