Somewhere in the deepest guts of the Global Game Jam, I discovered the game “Resonance” (Global Game Jam Entry). It has a decent poetry, and also a little bit of innvative gameplay. Resonance is basically a puzzle-platformer, where you have to reach the exit of each single-screen level. In order to do so, you will collect clefs (Notenschlüssel). This will unlock notes (actually sounds). Every time you play thouse notes, special colored platforms appear. A little bit of a very classic gameplay. But… the note you play merge with the harmonics of the background music. In some levels, just triggering the sounds is a bunch of fun – more like playing music, than a game! I could imagine, that some “timing-based levels” cound increase the fun of playing this music-game much, much more, giving the feeling of playing a score. Another plus of Resonance: the graphics are really, really nice!

Blog, Games - Date published: February 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

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  1. mau said:

    just beautiful!

  2. kristina said:

    just played the game…loved it! make more of these please?! <3